What Is Quora and How Can It Help Your Business?

what is quora and how can it help your business

Quora is a community website where members submit and answer questions on a variety of topics. What many marketers are learning if that Quora is also a great tool to increase visibility for their brand or business. Here’s a guide on how you can do the same.

If you ever typed in a question on Google you probably have seen Quora in the top 10 search results on a few queries. What this means is that Quora is highly ranked by the search engine as being a quality resource for information. I did a quick domain analysis on Moz and found that Quora has a current domain authority of 93. Domain Authorities rank from 1 to 100, with higher scores being related to a greater ability to rank. It also has over 300,000 linking root domains and over 10.5 million ranking keywords.

Domain Analysis Of Quora.com

What this information says is that Quora is a VERY popular site and is increasing in popularity as time goes on. For you this means an opportunity to link to your site from Quora and increase traffic and your own rankings.

How Do I Link To My Site From Quora?

The answer is easy. Be apart of the community and give genuine answers to questions. Make sure your responses are not self serving. Give more than you take and only plug relevant links from your site. Below are two examples of me linking to my blog.

I gave a brief response to the question and provided a solution to this members pain point. I then included a link to my article Using Pinterest For Business Growth as I go in-depth on how to drive sales using the platform.
In this example, I share a link to my article in one of Quora’s business groups. For this group it is totally acceptable to do this as long as it is relevant and helpful. The admin of the group also took the time to visit my blog, check my credentials and vetted me as a credible source which is great!

As you can see in both examples above, I link to my blog in order to provide quality relevant information to help others. I’m not spam linking or including links in all of my answers. Approaching marketing in this manner helps build traffic and reputation on the site.

Is Quora Good For Seo?

Quora is a great tool to leverage for SEO keyword ideas for your next blog post or to optimize your product listings. It is a question and answer community after all. Top questions for keyword searches in Quora are great opportunities to create content surrounding those keywords and then answer those questions linking back to your site. While it will be a nofollow link you are doing a marketers fundamental duty which is getting the word out about your product offering or brand. Building that brand recognition increases the chance that people will seek you out directly as a resource and that can lead to better rankings and traffic. Google loves popular sites but you can’t become popular if no one knows about you so market, market, market!

How To Market The Right Way On Quora?

Marketing on Quora is not a one off task. I do not recommend it as a sole strategy but a part of a bigger comprehensive link building strategy. Links from the site are almost all nofollow so there is not much value in terms of your rank increasing. However having a diversified portfolio of GOOD nofollow and dofollow links is good for SEO. The main point is that including your links can help drive traffic if they are included authentically.

According to a Forbes article about authenticity in marketing

Thanks to the sheer volume of marketing efforts, buyers have become clued-in to what inauthentic marketing looks like. Consumers treat businesses that try to perform inauthentic marketing with disdain, and modern cancel-culture can lead to massive PR disasters.

How To Ensure Authenticity In Marketing: 12 Critical Tips

The only way to plug links authentically is to be a true participant of the platform and focus on building a reputation by providing value and educating.

So What Are The Best Ways To Use Quora?

Ultimately it depends on your goals. You know the platforms purpose, to ask and answer questions. Some questions to ask yourself would be what do I have to offer to the platform and it’s members? Am I looking to make direct sales, drive traffic, educate, ect? Can I dedicate my time to the platform as part of a long term strategy?

Here’s a list of ways Quora can be helpful

  • Generating high-interest keyword ideas
  • Building links in relevant posts or groups to drive traffic
  • Gathering content ideas
  • Outreach to popular publishers/writers on the platform for collaboration

Now that you know how Quora can help your business go on over and check it out!

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