Using Pinterest For Business Growth

I was introduced to Pinterest 7 years ago when a friend of mine was sending me baby shower ideas for my first daughter. She showed me how boards were used for pinned products and ideas to plan entire events from start to finish.

I made my first account that day and spent a good amount of time scrolling and adding pins of baby items, decor and hair styles. It wasn’t until I got involved in e-commerce did I realize that Pinterest isn’t just used for event planning or DIY ideas. Pinterest is a search engine. A pivotal part of product discovery and a source of inspiration in the buying process. What that means for business owners is that the platform is great tool to market your business, drive traffic to your website and increase sales.

97% of top searches on Pinterest are unbranded. Which means you can reach your audience at the top of the buying funnel; before they even made the decision to purchase. This puts the power of discovery and inspiration in your hands. It is important for brands/businesses to be active on the platform. It is one of the first tools I activate when creating a new site. Now, let’s learn how you can use Pinterest for your business and marketing goals.

How to use Pinterest for Business

To get started on the platform you need to create a business account which is simple process.

  • Create a business profile. You’ll need to do this instead of creating a personal profile so that you can access analytics and advertising services.
  • Claim and link your business website. This step ensures you business is verified on Pinterest and it is also great for SEO.
  • Connect your social media accounts. Pinterest allows you to cross connect Instagram, Etsy, YouTube & Shopify. For my e-commerce readers cross connecting Shopify your product pins will be automatically populated with your name and profile picture. Your catalog is also connected and the Pinterest tag (tracking and measurement pixel) is also installed.
  • Edit your profile by uploading an engaging profile photo, cover photo and writing an optimized bio.

After your profile setup is complete it is time to develop your growth strategy. I’ve had one Pinterest profile go from 0 monthly viewers to 10m+ monthly viewers in 30 days. My strategy: create and post product video pins with engaging thumbnails and tags. My audience was young women in the beauty niche and beauty is well searched on Pinterest. So let’s review some strategies.

Determine Your Audience

In order to determine what type of content you should create you need to know who your target audience is. The type of content you create should reflect what your audience responds well too. For my example in the beauty niche I knew that video was best as many of the young women I was targeting discovered products from makeup tutorials and influencers. Maybe your audience responds well to infographics, tips and tricks or blog post. Try a few options and decide which is best.

You want your items to stick out in the plethora of images that are available but also stick to your branding. I find that creating 5+ pins linking to the same webpage helps with traffic. Pinterest loves fresh content and you need a system that allows you to create new pins quickly and easily. I use Canva to create my pins. It allows me to create a variety of pins with variations of my brand colors and post titles. I also like to use a pin image in my posts or as a blog post featured image for Pinterest sharing by others.

Branding and Design

Pin I created in Canva

Optimize Your Pins

  • Include a url for people follow. If you’re pinning from a website or blog then it is auto populated.
  • Use relevant keywords in titles, descriptions and image file names. Use hashtags in your description. A good way to get trending keywords and hashtag ideas from Pinterest is to start typing your keyword in the search box and take note of the results that populate.
These are my results when I type beauty in Pinterest search. I would try to include these in my tags and description if I had a beauty related pin
  • Add a call to action
  • Be active! Respond to comments, comment on others post or save pins you think would be relevant to your audience.
  • Create keyword rich boards. If you are pinning products, categorize those products and create a board for each category. Take a look at the 36 available categories Pinterest has for ideas. It will help your pins to be discovered.

If you have a blog, create a board surrounding your blog topics. Take a look at the photos below. Since this is the first social media marketing related post I wrote I created a board named the same to pin to. It is also a highly searched keyword on Pinterest. In order to further optimize, I searched social media marketing and was taken to the page below. I will be using the keywords business, strategy, design and plan in my board description since they are top keywords.

Social media marketing is a top search on Pinterest when I type in social media so I created my board with that name to pin this post to. Make sure your pins are relevant to the boards potential audience
I included top keywords in my boards description

Now after creating an engaging image my blog post will be ready to share to my board on Pinterest.

Using Pinterest for Business

Capitalize on Pinterest. It is a great tool and one of the few social sites where people are actively searching for purchase ideas. Inspire them and create engaging pins. When used correctly Pinterest can you bring you sales, shares, loyal followers and readers.

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