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“We did it Joe!”

I feel like Kamala Harris the day she found out she was going to be the first female VP. I’ve accomplished so much today! Launching this blog has been a long time coming. I’ve mulled over the idea for years. Not really knowing what to write about or what type of blog I wanted to have. There’s so many successful blogs out there and I’ve studied them, read articles, still not knowing how I could launch into my own. You know what I found out from all that time procrastinating? You just gotta do it. Take the plunge and figure it out as you go. So here I am today!

I felt that the time spent figuring it out was meant to be. Over the years I have been able to dabble in other areas of the digital space like e-commerce and social media. In return I have gained so much knowledge and expertise about making money online and brand building that I finally found what I want to share on my blog and that is *drumroll* Digital Marketing!

So let me tell you how I spent my day today. For starters I have been working on very little sleep. My newborn, King, spent most of the night nursing and gassy. Majority of my morning I was in the bed trying to catch up on sleep all the while the wheels in my mind turning on how to get my blog launched today. I didn’t sleep much at all but my lovely son definitely got his Z’s at my expense.

King getting his snooze on while mommy looks on in admiration. For some reason when I doze off he wakes up 🙄

I finally got up and about around 2:00 pm and hopped on my computer to begin researching domain names for my blog.

After purchasing my domain from my host I installed WordPress on my site and went to work on finding a theme. I knew I wanted something simple, clean with the room for a bit of customization. I decided on a free theme from the WordPress library after about an hour of searching and doing previews. I also wrote my first post to see how it would look on my theme and to also provide visitors with a welcome post. During all of this I am handling the baby, trying to cook  and getting my other two children settled at home from school and daycare. 

I made shrimp with orange sauce, veggie rice and potstickers

My goal today was to get my blog presentable. So after dinner I went work on my logo. I got my inspiration from an image I seen on a WordPress theme. I knew I wanted it to incorporate my mission statement and have the color brown, representing the beautiful skin tones of black women. What do you all think? I made it using Canva; my go to for digital graphic creation. 


I went on to customize the site to my liking with the new logo and felt that it was ready for visitors. I went on Twitter and updated my profile with my blog information and was about to share my first post with my followers when I realized I didn’t have an email sign up form! My first post clearly states to sign up to my newsletter  for future post notifications and I didn’t have a sign up form on my site 🤦🏾‍♀️. As I’ve mentioned earlier I’ve been in the digital marketing game for awhile and know the ins and outs of many different email marketing providers. I love Mailchimp with WordPress sites. It’s quick and easy for newbies & experts alike and I knew it would only take me a few minutes to get an account and set up an automated email welcoming new subscribers. Go check it out below this post. You should receive an email from me shortly after subscribing. 

After that I shared my first post on Twitter, got comfortable and sat down to create this post. My first journal entry. Now I probably won’t be posting Journals every single day long term but I plan to post a few weekly to keep you all updated on my Journey. These next few days I will be posting often as I get what I call my ‘systems’ set up for this site so I can optimize & drive visitors. I also plan on getting a content calendar together to work on those digital marketing blogs and expand on topics I am mentioning in these journals for example, What is WordPress hosting? I’m sure a few of you have wondered. I may even do a content challenge. 30 post in 30 days? Hmm maybe. 🤔  Hopefully in the meantime my son will let me get some sleep. 

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