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Hey guys! I am writing this post sooo late. It has been a hectic few days.

Tired Mommy 🥴

My newborn has been nursing and fussy more lately it seems. I even took to Google to find out what might be the culprit considering that I tried gas drops and Gripe Water to rule out tummy discomfort. According to the results it seems to be a normal phase. I don’t remember my girls being this fussy but every baby is different. I read that wearing him throughout the day will help as he may need to feel close. Do you guys have any suggestions for slings? I’ve tried one of those long cloth wraps before but never got the hang of it so I need something I can just throw on and snap in place.

Even though I have been tied up I managed to get a lot done with the blog. I got a Facebook page created, found a good scheduling app and even created another post.

Creating My Facebook Page

This was fairly simple. In fact, I created the page last night and I already have 13 likes! I’m proud of this number because none of the likes were from my group of friends. The likes I received were from people I don’t know who are interested in my content. I was able to connect with them in one of the local Facebook groups that I am apart of. If you have a blog or a business then I highly encourage you to expand your reach by joining Facebook groups. Those groups can be related to your business or just any group you are interested in. I find that there are usually opportunities to plug my website. My likes actually came from a local classified group. Someone had posted their Facebook business profile asking for entrepreneurs to support one another and it eventually turned into what is called a follow train. Different brands and businesses post their social profiles and you like/follow the ones you are interested in. It was a great opportunity for free marketing.

I’ll be happy to write a post on how to create and optimize a Facebook page for your brand if you find it helpful. Let me know in the comments!

Setting Up Post Scheduling

With my schedule and the new baby I knew that I needed a way to be active on social media without physically being on there all the time. Automation is the new big thing in digital marketing so it was a no brainer to join a platform where I could schedule my post. Many social channels have their own built in schedulers and they are great tools but I need a bit more. I have 4 channels I’m trying to remain active on and don’t have the time or brain capacity to switch between each one and use their built in tool. I wanted an all in one solution and Crowdfire works right out of the box for me. It not only allows me to schedule post simultaneously across my channels but it also has content discovery, analytics and more; and I can do it all from my phone. I will be doing a review soon about the platform that includes all the details but there is a free plan option if you want to go ahead and try it out.


How To Start A Blog

With some important work out of the way I had time to write a post I know will help many people. If you had the chance to read my welcome journal you know that this blog chronicles my journey to a six figure blog in the making. My blog also serves as an educational resource for all things digital marketing and brand building. Just as you are here with me on my journey I hope to be apart of yours by writing quality content that you can use to excel. If you are thinking about starting your own blog then this post is for you. It guides you step by step to creating and launching a blog and I give you some tips on monetization.

If you are not on the blogger journey then no worries. I have knowledge in e-commerce, local business, advertising and more that I will share with you. My blog is diverse and more post will be coming soon.

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