Pointy by Google For Local Business

what is pointy by google

Google recently acquired Pointy, an app that connects with your point-of-sale system to scan and upload your products directly to your Google My Business profile. Essentially, Pointy by Google helps local shoppers find the products they need in stores before even going there.

pointy by google and how it can help your local business

How Do I Sign Up For Pointy By Google?

Signing up is quick and easy. Simply head on over to Pointy By Google and click on get started.

what is pointy by google

You’ll then reach Pointy’s sign up page. Fill out your businesses information and then click NEXT.

how to sign up for pointy by google

After clicking next Pointy will ask you if you own a physical retail location. Because the service is for local goods, submitting your e-commerce store is not proper for this platform unless you also sell in store. Once you check that you do have a local location you’ll be asked what you sell and what point-of-sale platform you use. They have options available to choose from but if you do not see your POS listed then just choose other or not sure.

how to sign up for pointy by google

Now this part is important. Your Pointy inventory in Google My Business is updated when you scan a products barcode at checkout. For you, that means that you need to have a barcode scanner. Without a scanner, you unfortunately cannot use the platform. If you need to purchase one here is a link to a wireless scanner with a stand that you can get within two days from Amazon.

how to sign up for pointy by google

Lastly, the application will ask what type of barcode you are using. Make your choice and then you should reach screen below.

how to sign up for pointy by google

How Do I Set Up Pointy By Google?

That’s it! Now it’s time to install the app onto your point of sale. In this case I am using Square point of sale. Once installed you are brought to a dashboard to manage your product’s visibility through Pointy. If you already have products and barcodes linked in your POS dashboard, Pointy will pull that information into their system. If not, upload your products with barcodes to your point of sale catalog.

pointy by google dashboard

The most amazing feature of Pointy by Google is that your products will be directly linked to your Google My Business profile. All you need to do is click on the Link To Google Tab in the dashboard. Your products are then displayed under your Google My Business profile. When users make local search for a product or for your store in particular they will be able to see inventory availability of the items that you stock. Inventory is automatically updated by Pointy when a purchase is made which means less work for you.

link to google pointy by google

In Summary

Pointy by Google is a great tools for local stores who do not sell online but want online visibility for their products. Google seems to always be working towards online inclusivity for every business type on its platform. This acquisition is a great move for the tech giant and I imagine to see this feature flourish as it rolls out in the coming weeks.

[Disclosure: The Amazon link above is an affiliate link, which means if you choose to make a purchase, I’ll earn a commission. This is at no cost to you and I am not paid to list this product. I use each product that I recommend or post in my content and have come to the conclusion that these are high-quality tools that will benefit you. For more information, please read my disclosure notice.]

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