Crowdfire App Review

My Crowdfire App Review is based on my personal daily usage. In this post I talk about the apps features and how it has helped me in my social management. I am highly impressed with the app and would recommend it to anyone looking to increase the efficiency of their social campaigns.

Disclosure: This post contains a referral link in which I may earn a commission if you sign up using my link. This fee comes at no cost to you and I am not compensated for this review.

What Is Crowdfire Used For?

Crowdfire is a social media management tool. It allows you to schedule content and measure the success of your social campaigns.

What is Crowdfires Features?

Crowdfire has a whole host of features to suit your needs. I’ve listed them below and included a review of my experience using these features.

1. Multiple Social Connections

Crowdfire app review

Crowdfire lets you connect up to 25 social accounts in its highest plan. It allows connections to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, WordPress, Etsy, Shopify, Youtube, Twitch, Vimeo, TikTok and More. It seems that the company is continuously adding on social channels as it grows. I currently have three accounts connected and find it easy to schedule content to each account individually when I don’t want to schedule for all three.

2. Content Aggregation

Crowd fire app review
A list of articles I can share to my audience

Crowdfire has an integrated content aggregator that pulls content from around the web based on topics you choose during onboarding. I found this to be really helpful to fill in the gaps when I don’t have some of my own content to post. From the Crowdfire dashboard you can share relevant articles or photos and schedule them as you would your own post. There’s also an option to add your own RSS feed to pull content from. Feel free to add my feed to help fill in some content.

3. Scheduling

Crowdfire app review
Scheduling post ahead of time so I can focus on creating content

This is my favorite feature and the reason why I downloaded the app. With my accounts connected I can create content and set it to publish automatically. Crowdfire has three options to posting. You can post now, schedule your post for a specific time or allow the artificial intelligence to post at the best time. I use the best time option so I can get the highest exposure and engagement. Crowdfire determines the best time based on when your followers are online and engagement data on your previously published content. You can also set the best time manually.

When I first added my accounts Crowdfire set a default posting schedule. For example, 3 post a day to Twitter, 2 post a day to Facebook, ect. I left mine at the default settings but if your followers respond well to a different post schedule you can go in and change your daily number of post. The built in Queue meter tells me how many post I should ideally schedule in a 7 day period across all my accounts. You can also set an alert so when you drop below a certain number per account the app will notify you to get to scheduling. It’s like having my own assistant!

Another great thing is the built in features to the scheduling module. I’m able to schedule different types of media like video and photos. I can also add hashtags and location tags to my content right from the app which comes in handy for Twitter and Instagram. Crowdfires premium plan allows you to bulk schedule post and schedule using a calendar view.

Side note: Due to Instagram terms of service you can not auto post using a third party service like Crowdfire. You can schedule post as normal but will get a reminder alert to post to IG. From there the app will populate the photo/video and copy the caption so you can post to IG manually. This prevents your account from being suspended.

4. Analytics

My stats over the last 7 days. I launched my Facebook page three days ago.

The analytics module has been useful for measuring my stats. It lets me know that my social efforts are working and people are engaging with my content. The app offers detailed analytics so you can track engagement for both organic and promoted post, impressions, followers gained and lost, likes and retweets. If you are wanting competitor analysis I recommend the premium plan or higher.

5. Mentions

Crowdfire  app review

You can monitor and reply to mentions with the premium plan. This is a good feature if you have multiple accounts you’re managing. I like it because I don’t have to leave the app to respond.

Other Available Features & Cons

The Crowdfire App has a good number of features to manage, track and engage your social media. Depending on your plan you can also

  • Manage user profiles
  • Manage team members
  • Create and export custom reports
  • Post multiple images in one post
  • Schedule up to 800 post per account
  • Connect 25 RSS Feeds

The only thing I would have liked to be integrated in the app is a template library but I use Canva to create my graphics so it’s not a big deal. Other than that, I have no issues with the app. It does its job and I’m looking forward to seeing my accounts growth.

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