Blogmas 2020

Wow guys, here we are only a couple of days away from 2021! How was the Christmas holiday for you? Me and my family spent it at home. With COVID-19 we felt it would be safer than to go around people with our newborn. I worked to make it as memorable as possible for my girls. Christmas Eve we spent the evening decorating their boxes for Santa and making cookies.

Boxes for Santa that were filled with presents the next morning.

I also got some delicious praline and comfy slippers from my aunt and uncle that night.

My uncles famous praline candy 😋

This past year has definitely been a time for each of us. It has been filled with uncertainty and a little anxiety but despite it all I’m actually looking forward to the next year.

Things have been going great with the blog. My SEO and social media marketing efforts are starting to pay off as the blog has travelled a total of 21 countries in less than 30 days! That’s crazy to me. I went into this not expecting too much too soon but seeing this is motivating me to start expecting more. I’m creating a platform that is helping people and people are enjoying my content. I’ve come so far from just a few months ago when I was still unsure about starting a blog and nervous about not having the “perfect” content. What I’m realizing is that there are readers and then there are my readers. People who enjoy my content and my style of delivery that is unique to me. My following is slowly growing and I’m excited to see where I’ll be by this time next year.

Map of countries where I had visitors to my blog

I have gained a total of 175 followers across all my social channels since my last journal. I attribute my post scheduling and group engagement to the increase. My main focus has been Facebook and Pinterest but I’ve seen the most growth on Twitter in terms of followers.

30 day analytics for Facebook and Twitter. I started my blog on December 9th
Take a look at my monthly viewers!

Pinterest is definitely giving me a good return. I’m getting a lot of impressions on my pins and I’m up to almost 1000 monthly viewers in a week and a half! I have been using Tailwind to schedule my pins. It has honestly been the best investment for my business. I create my pins, schedule them, share them to my Tailwind communities, re-pin from my communities and I get to forget about it for a while. If you read my last journal then you know that automating your processes is good business practice especially when you can’t afford to outsource. Scheduling and auto posting to my social channels has given me more time to create content and now products!

Yes! I’m officially going to be releasing digital products for you guys in 2021. I want each and every one of you to be successful in your business and feel it is my duty to provide the tools to do just that. Some of the products I plan on releasing are

  • Branding Kits
  • Courses
  • Pinterest Pin Templates
  • Instagram Post/Story Templates
  • Content Calendars

& more!

I’m so excited to roll these out in the coming weeks. There will be paid products but there will be a ton of freebies as well.

Are there any products that you would like to see? Things that can help you in your business? Let me know in the comments! I’m open to collaborating and brainstorming 🧠😃.

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