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Christmas lights in the neighborhood

The Holiday Is Near

Tis the season! Christmas is almost here and I think I am more excited than the kids. For starters, I got one of my Christmas gifts early. My sister-in-law gifted us a Cynebaby stroller. It’s one of the ones that has a convertible bassinet that you can also detach and carry. I’ve had my eye on one since before the baby was born but just never bought it. It maneuvers so smooth and easy to put up and pack away. My toddler fits in it comfortably and the baby got a good nap while we were out Friday.

Friday, the hubby and I went to pick up our lay away order for the kids gifts and hid them in the house. Lay away is the best thing in my opinion. It gives me time to plan, budget and shop and minimizes the stress of the holiday rush. It was my first year using it and I think I will do it every year now. I did not work on the blog at all on Friday but I did check Jetpack just to see if I had any traffic and to my surprise I got 13 new visitors and 26 views across my pages! I know, not a lot at all, but for a brand new unknown blog it was pretty good. I’ve only posted across my social channels so far and my site hasn’t been fully indexed so it means people have been reading from shares. I had referral traffic from Twitter, Linked In and Facebook.

Saturday I spent the entire day at home and just relaxed. I was able to get an article written up and posted and got active on social media. I’m looking into different software to best automate my social activities (i.e. scheduling post). I have a a lot going on between the kids, work and blogging so I’m trying to stay as organized and efficient as possible. I’ll probably try a few different options and let you guys know how they work out.

Indexing Is Important

Today I only spent about and hour or so working on the blog. I submitted the site to Bing Webmaster so that it can be indexed quickly for the Bing & Yahoo search engines. I highly recommend any site owner to sign up for both Google and Bing Webmaster. I’m sure you already know the benefits of Google but many site owners underestimate the power of Bing. According to an article from Marketing Profs

The Bing Network of search partners has also grown: Bing now powers searches for Yahoo, Windows 10, Siri, Amazon, and others. And nearly one-third of searches conducted on PCs are powered by the Bing Network.

Who Searches on Bing, and Why They’re Important for Marketers

This means that there is a huge audience to tap into when it comes to the search network. Even more, when it comes to the users of Bing, demographic research has shown that Bing has a particular set of patrons. According to an article from Atilus

Research has revealed that the typical user on Bing is generally over the age of 35, most commonly between the ages of 55 and 64, and most are parents. One-third of the Bing Ads audience has a household income of $100,000 or more, and 22% more was spent online with Bing than on average search engines.

Who Uses Bing?

In my own experience I had better rankings, higher CTR and better conversions when getting my site indexed by Bing. This is with organic traffic and also with running ads. I’m excited to see how this blog performs, I might even get lucky and see a little traffic from Bing by end of next week.

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