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In yesterday’s journal I ended my post with the hopes of getting some decent sleep. I think me and baby boy accomplished that. I had a much better night last night. King only woke up every 2 or so hours and he ate and went back to sleep. Yay! For us moms you know how much that means in the early stages. Newborns are iffy in their sleep schedules and can spend many hours up at night. Fortunately, I woke up today ready to smash some goals and did not spend a lot of time snuggled up in the bed like yesterday. I even skipped out on the opportunity for a nap although I’ll probably make it up tomorrow after doing a little shopping. 🥴

Day 2 of launching this blog has been very productive. My goals for today were to get the blog ready to be found and indexed by search engines and write a post pertaining to digital marketing. I started off by purchasing and installing my SSL certificate. Having a secure site is important if you plan on collecting any type of user data like names, emails or credit card information. Google also prefers sites served over HTTPS and an SSL certificate is required for that. Plus it doesn’t really look good to visitors when they land on your page and your site says “not secure.”

After getting my SSL installed I downloaded and activated the Jetpack Plugin. Jetpack is a WordPress plugin that provides security, backup, speed and growth tools for your site. I install this plugin on all the sites I create. It’s an easy tool to implement and set up plus it provides other features like extra widgets, XML sitemaps and verification services for sites like Search Console. I set up my search console and submitted my site via the sitemap to Google immediately after installing Jetpack. I did this so that my site can be crawled and indexed a bit quicker than Google discovering it on its own. After completing that task I created my RSS feed using Google’s Feedburner service. Feedburner is not required to create an RSS for WordPress sites as the site has a feed automatically but I like to keep up with my statistics. Feedburner also has a cute little chicklet 🐣(a subscribe button) that I added to my site so you can subscribe to my feed using your favorite reader. You can find it below this post if you want to check it out.

My RSS chicklet 🐣

I also added the Yoast Seo Plugin. They have a free option to get you started that allows you to work on your technical seo. I use it to format my meta titles and descriptions for the search engines. It also clues me in to the readability of my posts.

Since my goal was to give my site some online visibility today I knew that I needed to create at least one social media account that aligns with my brand. I figured that Pinterest would be a good start as I am using my personal Twitter and Linked In accounts to share my blog to my current followers. You can read why Pinterest is a great tool for your brand or business. I highly recommend Pinterest for anyone looking to make money online or getting eyes on their content. That is why I took the time to write the post I linked above after setting up my account. 😌 The article covers set up and optimization so that you can maximize the potential of the platform.

After that was all said and done I tuned in to Family time. My wonderful husband made us a delicious dinner and I took the time to clown around and just enjoy them. I mean what is work with no play right?

Hubby making dinner. He makes a mess when he cooks but I clean up while he’s cooking and we use that time to just enjoy each other’s company

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