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Welcome to The Melanated Mommi! A blog built by a mom for moms who are on the journey of breaking generational curses, building generational wealth and mastering the digital space to grow their brand/business. (Others are welcome too!)

Digital marketing is a passion of mine. Something I can talk about day in and day out although it hasn’t always been that way. You see, I started my marketing journey back in 2015. It was a few months after my daughter was born and I was struggling to make ends meet. I’ve always found ways to hustle by way of the computer. Having burnt CDs and uploading music to the MP3 players of my friends in exchange for a fee, I always knew I wanted to make money online. Back in 2015 Shopify was becoming real popular so I tried my hand at it. My mind wasn’t aligned to my purpose at that time so what I thought was going to be a get rich quick move soon turned into a series of failures. Store after store I launched just for them to hit a dead end a few weeks later. I went by the philosophy of “if you build it they will come” which was undoubtedly a mistake. I half heartedly blamed my collegiate business marketing classes. I was taught the physical aspects of marketing. You know like talking to strangers, hosting live presentations, pitching to panels, ect. I wasn’t taught much about the digital aspects and what they all entail. That part, I had to learn on my own; and I did.

Over time my failures with my stores were become a little less of a nuisance. I immersed myself in courses, webinars, Facebook groups, certificate programs and a multitude of other avenues to gain my knowledge. “Seek and you shall find” became my new Mantra. Late 2017 I finally hit my breakthrough. One of my stores started generating me a few hundred a week, then a few thousand. I was elated! The ball started rollin for me and I launched a couple more niche stores that generated me income and I was ok for a little time but I felt that something was missing. I liked seeing the money come in but what I LOVED was the process. I loved learning new techniques, I loved promoting my products and finding audiences, I loved answering questions of those in my groups and collaborating. I didn’t have a passion in the products I was selling. I couldn’t talk about phone cases or any other random thing I was selling fervently . But I could go on-and-on about my product research process or an ad strategy to a friend (who probably wished they never asked 🥴.) It was at that point I discovered my passion.

Fast forward to 2020 The Melanated Mommi was born. At least in my mind at first. I had spent the last few years working with clients, managing me and my husbands detailing business  and in the corporate world. I knew I wanted to share my experiences by blogging but I didn’t know how to exactly do blogging so I put it off for a while. It took me losing my sister in law and the pandemic for me to just suck it up and write. I got hit hard with the realization that life is too short to wait for the perfect time. The perfect time is always now so I launched my site and started posting in late 2020. I’m still working out the kinks since this is a new avenue but I’m purposeful in my ambition of helping female entrepreneurs worldwide in understanding and utilizing digital marketing. 

One of my goals for this blog is to have a personal space where I can journal my days and share my blogging journey with others. Feel free to visit my About Me page to read more about who I am and my mission but I also encourage you to subscribe to my newsletter or RSS feed to be notified of new posts. My journals will provide an in-depth view of how I grow to my blog to (fingers crossed) six figures using my prior marketing knowledge. I will be sharing my family and experiences with you all through my journaling and photos also. I want to connect with my readers and encourage each of you to comment on journals. When I’m old and crusty and reading my journals to look back on my life I want to see everyone I was able to connect with, laugh with & grow with.

If you are here to start and grow your own blog then I encourage you to start here.

Now the main goal of this blog is to share my knowledge of digital marketing and my love for entrepreneurship. I have tried and failed at many businesses over the years but have learned a lot along the way and one takeaway from that is that true success comes from failure and willingness to learn. I spend hours on end researching, testing, failing and succeeding and have NO desire to keep everything I have learned to myself. My calling is to be of service and this blog will give me that opportunity. I will be posting tips, tricks, tools, ideas, challenges and more that will help women grow their brands and business online.

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